We have a variety of live processes and deep dive journeys for you to explore below


LIVE A 6 Month Inner Child Journey

New Dates Opening Soon – October 2022

Our Inner Child Process is a live journey over 6 months with a Primal Therapist. Some of our deepest wounds are carried by the child within. These wounds create tensions, blockages, or contractions within our hearts, minds, and bodies. Inside this journey understand your childhood wounds, meet the qualities of your inner child and strengthen your adult. A journey for the child inside you – it is time to show up for little you.


LIVE A 6 Month Teenager Journey

New Dates Opening Soon – Feb 2023

A Journey to reconnect, reparent and rediscover the passion and essence of your inner teenager. Our inner teenager lives inside of us. We may assume that our teenager years are long behind us, but somewhere inside of us that frustrated, scared, embarrassed, teen is still alive, influencing our thoughts, words and actions. Heal your teenage wounds here. By healing the wounds of the past, we learn to embrace the natural, sensuous, passionate teenager that is also still alive in our body and soul. 

Becoming An Adult

5 Session Live Journey

Having a strong Adult allows us to handle our life and our relationships in responsible, joyful and self-actualising way.

In this journey we will explore how creating a healthy inner relationship between the Adult, the Child and the Witness in us can support us in our harmonious growth as psychological and spiritual beings.


LIVE A 12 Month Journey – Join the Inner Circle

Currently Closed – Opening 2023

Gain insights, wisdom and transformation to change your life. This 12 month Journey is our monthly community. If you are a change-maker committed to making a difference to yourself and others – bring forth and express the deep thinker, the activist, the loyal heart, the storyteller that you are. Explore and implement 1 key topic in your life. We provide journals, bi – weekly live calls, a strong support network and a step by step process to dive inwards.  This process supports you to implement changes in your life.

If you are interested in participating in any of these live processes email us at: info@kannagarajourneys.com

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