If you’ve ever felt trapped by the shadows of your past, you’re not alone. Many of us carry the invisible scars of teenage wounding, which can manifest as chronic shame, anxiety, depression, and a host of other challenges. But there is a way to break free.

Embark on this journey to heal, reconnect and reparent the teenager in you – in a safe loving and supportive space!

This program includes 10 live Zoom sessions, all calls 5PM – 7PM UK time, from September 2024 to January 2025.

Limited availability – max. 24 participants!

10 places already booked! Secure your spot before it’s fully booked.

The wounds of your inner teenager act out in your adult life.
But now it’s time to address them…

At Kannagara we have put together an online live Heal The Inner Teenager Process with 10 LIVE sessions with Svarup Premartha de Koning.

Join us to listen to the sensitive, creative and essential part of you.

Our inner teenager lives inside of us. We may have developed adult bodies and we may assume that our teenager years are long behind us, but somewhere inside of us that frustrated, scared, embarrassed, teen is still alive, influencing our thoughts, words and actions.

We may deny the inner teenage part of ourselves – actively dismiss or criticize it, and the result is shame momentary or constant. When may consistently ignore, deny or attack our inner teenager.

Some of our deepest wounds are carried by the teenager within. These wounds create tensions, blockages, or contractions within our hearts, minds, and bodies. And when we’re contracted, we become trapped in a tightly-bound separate self, also known as the ego.

Because of family shame and values, peer pressure, abuse and/or lack of guidance as teenagers, we often froze or pushed ourselves beyond what felt good for us. Or gave in to addictions as a compensation for the lack of emotional and physical nourishment and support.

Limited places available. 10 out of 24 places are already booked.

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If you feel you check any of the examples below, you experience teenager wounding:

  • Shame for having anger –  no safe place to be felt and seen as valid.
  • Pressure to have it all “together” with little safe place to decompress.
  • Family life is dysfunctional and unsafe
  • Growing up too fast – adults that did not take care of our needs.
  • Neglect
  • Unreliable parents, instable home environment, family or society that shames us. A fear to be vulnerable or sensitive.
  • Feeling contempt and distrust of adults -rebelling or acting out to express anger at them.
  • Manipulation as a form of power, such as lying and people-pleasing to get our needs met and to avoid conflict because direct communication has been discouraged or not modeled by adults around us.
  • Shaming others as a way to feel in control or important and as a means to defend against our own feelings of shame (projective identification).
  • Chronic hypervigilance and fear, resulting in rigid beliefs and perfectionism.
  • Self-sabotage by engaging in behaviors that undermine their own success and well-being.
  • Avoidance of emotions, finding it difficult to identify, express, or process emotions, often leading to emotional numbness.
  • Overdependence on others, relying excessively on others for validation, decision-making, and emotional support.
  • People-pleasing tendencies by prioritizing others’ needs over their own to gain approval and avoid conflict.
  • Overreacting to criticism, reacting strongly to even mild criticism, often feeling deeply hurt or defensive.
  • Difficulty accepting praise, struggling to believe or accept positive feedback and compliments from others.
  • Reluctance to take risks, avoiding new experiences or opportunities due to fear of failure or rejection.
  • Overachievement by pushing themselves excessively to achieve high standards as a way to prove their worth.
  • Difficulty relaxing. Finding it hard to unwind and relax, often feeling like they need to be constantly productive.

And as a result, you may go through the following:

  • You don’t feel good with yourself, constantly battling with low self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Internalize harmful and negative beliefs, believing we are unworthy, unlovable, or fundamentally flawed.
  • You may have problems with authority, struggling to respect or trust authority figures, leading to conflicts at school, work, or in social settings.
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed as adults, carrying emotional burdens into adulthood, resulting in mental health issues.
  • You lose your creativity and passion, feeling disconnected from our true selves, stifling our natural talents and interests.
  • Develop unhealthy coping mechanisms, like turning to substances, self-harm, or other destructive behaviors to manage overwhelming emotions.
  • Difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships, struggling with intimacy, trust, and communication in personal and professional relationships.
  • Chronic feelings of emptiness and isolation, feeling disconnected from others and society, leading to loneliness.
  • Perfectionism and overachievement, setting unrealistically high standards for ourselves to gain approval and avoid criticism.
  • Constant hypervigilance by always being on alert for potential threats or rejection, making it hard to relax and enjoy life.
  • Repressed anger and resentment: Harboring unexpressed anger, leading to explosive outbursts or passive-aggressive behavior.
  • Fear of vulnerability: Avoiding situations where we might appear weak or be judged, hindering emotional growth and healing.
  • Distrust of others: Finding it hard to believe in the goodwill of others, leading to suspicion and isolation.
  • Chronic stress and physical health issues: Experiencing headaches, gastrointestinal issues, or other stress-related health problems.
  • Difficulty setting boundaries: Struggling to say no or assert our needs, often leading to burnout or resentment.
  • Feelings of unworthiness in success: Undermining our achievements and feeling like impostors in our own lives.

Take The First Step Towards Healing

Don’t let the wounds of your past hold you back any longer. Join our 10-session Inner Teenager deconditioning program and start your journey towards a healthier, happier, and more authentic you.

Limited Places Available (14 left)

Show Up For The Teenager In You!

Healing your inner teenager starts with building a safe connection and a relationship with this part of you. It is about re-establishing a healthy relationship, listening to and talking to this part of yourself. Developing a stronger identity, boundary setting, learning about relationship dynamics, body image, nourishment and self-care.

By healing the wounds of the past, we learn to embrace the natural, sensuous, passionate teenager that is also still alive in our body and soul. We can, as adults, learn to become whole again, reconnect with the source of our energy, and love and nourish our bodies as the temples of our soul.

How do we even begin this?

Join this HEAL YOUR INNER TEENAGER PROCESS with Svarup over 10 LIVE sessions. This course will walk you step by step on your journey with a trained Primal Therapist and a loving supportive container.

Inside this live course we go back to the past, from 13 years – 19 years and bring clarity to the conditioning we received and light to shine on old wounds carried from that time. This process teaches you to understand, transform and heal teenage wounds and conditioning.

During this process, you will be gently and lovingly guided, through a 10-session journey backwards in time, through each one of the developmental stages of the teenager

By healing these deep wounds through love and understanding, you will move towards your true self and towards an authentic joyful way of living.

Why Choose This Program?

1. Holistic Approach

Our program addresses the root causes of your emotional pain, providing you with the tools to heal deeply and sustainably. We combine therapeutic techniques with practical exercises to ensure comprehensive healing.

2. Expert Guidance

Led by experienced therapists specializing in teenage deconditioning, our sessions are designed to create a safe, supportive environment where you can explore and heal your past.

3. Personalized Healing

Every individual’s journey is unique. Our program is tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges, ensuring that you receive the most effective support.

4. Proven Results

Our clients have experienced profound transformations, reporting increased self-esteem, healthier relationships, reduced anxiety and depression, and a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

Here’s What’s Included

Workshop Tuition

  • 10 Live Zoom Sessions with Svarup
  • 5 Live Meditations on zoom
  • What’s app support / Voice notes and consistent support
  • Recordings of all calls

Also Included

All the below courses to be taken in your own time and space during our training. You will be guided by Bhavi on which ones to take, step by step.

Workshop Schedule

All Zoom calls will be held between 5PM – 7PM GMT, from September 2024 to January 2025, as follows:

  • 19th September 2024
  • 3rd October 2024
  • 17th October 2024
  • 7th November 2024
  • 12th November 2024
  • 19th November 2024
  • 25th November 2024
  • 5th December 2024
  • 10th December 2024
  • 10th January 2025

Meet The Inner Child Online Course

This is our 6 Module Self-Study Inner Child Course which includes video modules with Svarup – Primal Therapist and a Childhood Regression Meditation. Take this course at your own pace.


A journal will be provided for you to capture your thoughts and experiences during the process. This will be your companion which you can come to reflect your insights.

Meditation Sessions

Meditations include a variety of techniques that will help to support the process.

Meet The Team – Our Primal Facilitators

Svarup – Primal Therapist

Svarup has been an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world in inner child therapy. She specialises in deconditioning work – childhood (primal), and adolescence and sexuality (tantra). She is also a teacher of essence work. 

With over 35 years experience and impacting thousands of people all over the world, Svarup brings her experience, deep intuitive wisdom and loving guidance on this path. Leading groups, facilitating process’s and sessions all over the world with her partner Premartha. She also trains and certifies primal therapists. 

Together Svarup and Premartha are the authors of two books: Twice Born, The Little Buddha and the Cosmos. After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Rome, Svarup has collaborated for several years with R.D.Laing running one of his therapeutic communities in London. 

Bhavi – Founder

Bhavi is the founder of Kannagara Journeys – the vision to bring together a community dedicated to rooting their lives in love for self, community and the planet.

Her range of experiences include deep-dive trainings and processes such as: Hoffman process, Landmark Education (6month leadership training), 10day Healing Adolescent Training, Primal & Tantra Process, Meditative therapies, Yoga teacher training 500hrs, Essence training (white,red,inner judge), Womens Liberation, Path of Love and more.

Being British Indian and having traveled and lived extensively in various countries including 8 years in Uganda, Indonesia, Germany, Denmark and Greece and with a strong understanding of cultural diversity she brings forward a unique approach in this field.

With a passion to make a difference she brings her leadership and experience to hold space during the calls and coordinate the logistics of the journeys.

Nadi – Primal Therapist & Facilitator

Primal therapist, psychologist and international coach she has fifteen years of experience in childhood de-conditioning. She is trained in Western modalities: cognitive-behavioural therapy, schema therapy, coaching and currently in NARM, the somatic approach to healing developmental trauma. Ten years ago she discovered the Eastern understanding of growth, which enabled her a deep personal healing and took her on the path of meditation. Her love for Primal comes its unique blend of both: scientific and meditative approach, which allows transformative work to happen safely, with joy and wisdom and lead us back home, back to our true nature and our devine calling.

Jheel – Primal facilitator

Jheel is a psychologist, trained Primal therapist, Co-Active coach and OSHO Active Meditation facilitator. Driven by deep curiosity for the nature of being human she has travelled many paths – tantra, breathwork, yoga, meditation, Primal therapy, intuitive dance. Her experience and growth has been supported by: Yoga and Meditation immersion (2015, Lithuania), “Women’s initiation” with Anasuya Koopmans (2016, Lithuania), ”Intensive Life Training” with Neeru (2018 India, 2019 Austria), “Essential Enneagram” with Svarup (2022), “Compassionate Inquiry” with Gabor Mate (2022), “Personal Freedom Training” with Tarika Glubin (2023, Lithuania).Her mission is to bring more vulnerability, playfulness and connection to this world.

Jheel offers Primal Childhood Deconditioning sessions, Healing Inner Teenager sessions and leads meditation groups – both online and live in The Netherlands.


In this 10-session journey, spread over 6 months, you will re-establish a whole new relationship with your Inner Teenager. You will learn about developing your identity, boundary setting, relationship dynamics, body image, nourishment, healthy self-care and understanding shame and fear that gets in the way.

  • Deepen the connection between our Adult part, the Teenager part, and the Child part in us. Learning to listen and understand what each one of these parts inside of us needs or wants in our lives now.
  • Rediscover the original longing of your Inner Teenager.
  • Explore the family dynamics and conditionings of that time, completing what remained unsaid and moving on.
  • Transform shame and revenge into passion and creativity.
  • Learn to be easy and natural with sexual energy
  • Experience both currents of a healthy sexual energy: the red outgoing passion and the golden receptive and nourishing sensuousness
  • Heal and finding new resources in the friendly connection with the same sex.
  • Explore the meeting with the opposite sex and its friendly and ecstatic potential.
  • Explore the meeting of male and female inside us.
  • Learn meditation and breathing techniques to allow the flow of energy in our bodies




Session 1 and 2: Meeting the inner teenager and discover longing

You will learn to recognize and connect different parts of your inner world:

  • The Child, the vessel of innocence and playfulness.
  • The Teenager, the vessel of sexual energy and vision.
  • The Adult, who can implement the qualities of Child and Teenager in the present moment.
  • As an Adult, you will rediscover the forgotten longings and will experience the passion you had as a Teenager together with the maturity and wisdom of the Adult.
Session 3: Supporting The Inner Teenager

You will explore parental conditioning in teenage and learn to recognize how your impulses of that time created a hidden feeling of revenge towards the parents and sometimes against yourself.

  • As an Adult, you will gain an overview about the Family Dynamics of that time between parents and the Teenager you.
  • As a Teenager, you will be supported into discovering the feeling of revenge that hides somewhere inside you, blocking love and sexual passion.
  • You will be given a chance to express through the body and emotions what you could not express at that time.
Session 4 and 5: Revenge, transformation and healing

You will be guided through a death of the self destructive and frozen Teenager and his/her rebirth as a natural and sensuous Teenager 


  • As an Adult, you will be guided to understand and feel empathy for the struggle of your Teenager.


  • As the Teenager, you will find new resources in realizing who are healthy inspirations in your path.


  • You will experience the freshness of a rebirth of the natural teenager inside you.
  • You will be then guided to learn and apply a meditation technique to absorb and heal the self neglect or abuse that, as teenager, you suffered from others or even from yourself.
  • As an Adult, you will learn to understand the language of your body, transforming the memory of pain into healing by embracing it into your heart. 
  • As a Teenager, you will learn to recognize better what is nourishing and energizing and what is damaging or shocking for your body.
Session 6 and 7: Healing the connection with the same sex

You will be guided and learn to guide others in experiencing directly the value of a healthy and loving connection with people of your same sex.

You will heal teenage wounds that you received from and also gave to your peers. 

  • You will learn and experience the nourishment and relaxation that come from bonding with the same sex, to feel rooted in your body and supported in your identity.


  • You will be taught about the way energy circulates in your male/female body and to recognize which people of your same gender can be an inspiration to you.
  • You will be taught to experience the two opposite currents of energy, outgoing and ingoing, passionate and sensuous, that create in each one of us, male or female, a balanced flow of sexual energy
Session 8 and 9: The meeting of male and female outside and inside

You will have the opportunity to heal old emotional and sexual wounds with the opposite sex, understanding your part in those wounds, and moving on towards friendliness, playfulness and openness towards the opposite sex

You will explore and facilitate the meeting between the male and female, the active and the receptive, sides inside you. You will experience a new sensation of completeness in yourself and your body.

  • You will explore gratitude for the time you shared with your past partners and understand what are your needs and wants with the opposite sex at this point in your life.
  • You will learn to recognize male and female energies in yourself.
  • You will learn to mediate and connect these two sides of yourself in life, in action and in meditation
Sessions 10: Integration
  • You will learn to appreciate and facilitate the new connection that has grown throughout the sessions between the different parts of yourself: the Adult, the Child, and the new Teenager.
  • You will learn to implement this new sense of wholeness in your life, your relationships and your path.


This course helped me discover and heal patterns and feelings dating right back to my childhood, but which were still having an impact on my life today. As a result I feel I have more freedom in the choices I make about how I live my life. A huge thank you to the wonderful facilitators, and the other participants on this journey.

This was such a gentle and deep process of coming home to a place of acceptance, compassion. During the 6 months I had many breakthroughs in relation to mother and father and the most important of all was being present for myself, my inner child, as I went through fear and rejection. The words can’t describe the relieve, the love I feel right now for this life on earth. Thank you with all my expanded heart.

Sometimes words aren’t just enough to express our exact feelings but you would know because you would feel you have done the right thing for yourself. That is exactly how I feel about this course it was magical and very touching. I didn’t expect anything to start with and I didn’t know where to end up but hugging little myself was just priceless. If you ever feel there’s some missing inside you I highly recommend you join!