Purpose and Joy to your days with Iki Gai Journal

Iki Gai translates to your ‘reason for being’. And it is a simple process with five questions to help you feel happier, more joyful and living a life aligned to your truth. It combines your passion, profession, mission and vocation.

I have created a Journal which will help you to:

– Assist you to get closer to your inner truth
– Help you focus on the things that matter
– Begin the process of self – inquiry
– Gain clarity on your purpose and path

Thank you for recieving my gift…

I first came across the concept Iki Gai a few years ago at a turning point in my life. I was in a career I was not passionate about, and deep down I knew I wanted to carve my own unique path.

Iki Gai is unique in that it combines what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what will pay you. Simple yet profoundly impactful!

Journalling, Meditation and Personal growth are some of my passions and I sat down and designed and created this journal for anyone that wants to use this concept to support them to find their own unique purpose.

I have enjoyed creating this journal so much :). I would love to hear your feedback, and I hope you enjoy it and it makes a difference to you.


Benefits of discovering your iki gai

Benefits of Iki Gai

Iki Gai translates to ‘reason for being’.

Discovering your Iki Gai can help you to feel happier, more joyful and living a life aligned to your truth.

Self discovery, self reflection takes introspective quiet time without anyone else around.
This concept of Iki Gai can provide a guided way to explore more of the amazing human that you are, and explore more about your journey and purpose.
Who is this Journal for?

If you have a desire to grow, discover your purpose, have a passionate for journalling, meditation or personal growth this can be a step in the right direction. If you have an inner road block and want to discover the root of it. If you are a seeker, meditator, leader, entrepreneur, leader, or heart centered individual.

If you are looking for direction?
If self reflection supports you in finding your purpose?
If you are passionate about journalling?
If there a career / job or path that is not aligned to your potential?
If you have a sense of emptiness or void of purpose?
If you at a cross roads and looking for a clearer direction?
Do you like beautiful journals and want to learn more about journalling?
What does it include?

This journal is a small E-Book beautifully designed with the specific questions for you to answer. It has some keys on how to get started. You can print this off and do it in your own self reflection time, or complete it for yourself online.

There are five essential questions.

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