“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb

When we create and bring a process, journey or retreat we have a team of people that bring a field of experience, wisdom and love. All of our journeys are crafted with love and care.

Bhavi – Founder

Bhavi is the founder of Kannagara Journeys – the vision to bring together a community dedicated to rooting their lives in love for self, community and the planet.

Her range of experiences include deep-dive trainings and processes such as: Hoffman process, Landmark Education (6month leadership training), 10day Healing Adolescent Training, Primal & Tantra Process, Meditative therapies, Yoga teacher training 500hrs, Essence training (white,red,inner judge), Womens Liberation, Path of Love and more.

Being British Indian and having traveled and lived extensively in various countries including 8 years in Uganda, Indonesia, Germany, Denmark and Greece and with a strong understanding of cultural diversity she brings forward a unique approach in this field.

With a passion to make a difference she brings her leadership and experience to hold space during the calls and coordinate the logistics of the journeys.


Svarup – Primal Therapist

Svarup has been an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world in inner child therapy. She specialises in deconditioning work – childhood (primal), and adolescence and sexuality (tantra). She is also a teacher of essence work. 

With over 35 years experience and impacting thousands of people all over the world, Svarup brings her experience, deep intuitive wisdom and loving guidance on this path. Leading groups, facilitating process’s and sessions all over the world with her partner Premartha. She also trains and certifies primal therapists. 

Together Svarup and Premartha are the authors of two books: Twice Born, The Little Buddha and the Cosmos. After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Rome, Svarup has collaborated for several years with R.D.Laing running one of his therapeutic communities in London. 

Nadi – Primal Therapist & Facilitator

Primal therapist, psychologist and international coach she has fifteen years of experience in childhood de-conditioning. She is trained in Western modalities: cognitive-behavioural therapy, schema therapy, coaching and currently in NARM, the somatic approach to healing developmental trauma. Ten years ago she discovered the Eastern understanding of growth, which enabled her a deep personal healing and took her on the path of meditation. Her love for Primal comes its unique blend of both: scientific and meditative approach, which allows transformative work to happen safely, with joy and wisdom and lead us back home, back to our true nature and our devine calling.

Jheel – Primal facilitator

Jheel is a psychologist, trained Primal therapist, Co-Active coach and OSHO Active Meditation facilitator. Driven by deep curiosity for the nature of being human she has travelled many paths – tantra, breathwork, yoga, meditation, Primal therapy, intuitive dance.

Her experience and growth has been supported by: Yoga and Meditation immersion (2015, Lithuania), “Women’s initiation” with Anasuya Koopmans (2016, Lithuania), ”Intensive Life Training” with Neeru (2018 India, 2019 Austria), “Essential Enneagram” with Svarup (2022), “Compassionate Inquiry” with Gabor Mate (2022), “Personal Freedom Training” with Tarika Glubin (2023, Lithuania).

Her mission is to bring more vulnerability, playfulness and connection to this world.

Jheel offers Primal Childhood Deconditioning sessions, Healing Inner Teenager sessions and leads meditation groups – both online and live in The Netherlands.

Premi Işıl Tekecik

She is a meditator. Her inner journey started in 2010 when she met yoga, meditation and Osho. As her path deepened, in 2018 she met with Premartha and Svarup and primal deconditioning process. She fell in love with their work. She complete the inner child and healing adolescence trainings and now works as a certified facilitator and travels to assist the groups.

Her passion is to share inner child and inner teenage work and meditation as she discovered it is a great tool to live this life fully with love and awareness. She believes this work liberates one self from the limiting beliefs and opens a door for a living in authenticity, joy and with truth and love.


Zhilvia – Communications

Zhilvia is a psychology student, and a mindfulness and meditation practitioner. Her passion is to help people come back to the inner child and bloom in life. She has herself traveled through the 10 sessions childhood deconditioning process, primal and tantra with Svarup and has experience in various processes.

Zhilvia is supporting Kannagara with communications and the promotion of the Inner Child process.

Cindy – Administration

Cindy is a free-spirited person with the passion to help every individual to find their inner child joy. She attended the Inner Child Masterclass with Svarup and was amazed by the power of meditation and healing by going back to childhood.

Cindy is helping Kannagara to coordinate training logistics and assist with administrative tasks. Cindy is the administrative foundation of Kannagara and supports the processes with the details love and attention.