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Conversations that matter can shift narratives.

Deep insights, wisdom, and expertise shared can change lives.

In this podcast, I invite storytellers, experts, activists, heart-centered leaders, change makers and peace lovers to bring tools and insights on how to reshape your entire world from the inside out and find peace of mind.

All topics ranging from trauma work, inner child, enneagram, the Tao Te Ching, meditation, science-based mindfulness tips, and all things that will have you THINK deeper and GROW further.

This podcast gives you tools, wisdom and insights to support you in finding peace of mind and reshaping your inner world.

If you are a entrepreneur, professional, business owner, educator, consultant, CEO, director, this podcast is for you. It attracts avid seekers and deep thinkers.

This Podcast features experts and high performers from different fields sharing key transformational tools.

The Kannagara Journeys Podcast is hosted by Bhavi Gheewala

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    Is this podcast for you? If you are someone that wants to make a difference in the world, grow, live life from a heart centered place and change the world check out the trailer to our podcast!

    Episode Ten – Ties That Bind Us with Svagito Liebermeister

    Enjoy this Interview with Svagito Liebermeister – Family Constellation and Trauma Therapist

    Episode Nine - No longer a child, but not yet an adult - Our Teenager Years

    The wounds we experienced during these formative years of our life 13years - 19 years are different to wounds during childhood.

    Episode Eight - Women's Liberation

    Join us on a 30 minute interview with Upchara to explore how to transform anger into a powerful source of creative energy. How do we work with this emotion and navigate the world as women, finding our source of worth and value.

    Episode Seven - Do you have childhood wounds?

    Svarup is a world class teacher and primal inner child specialist. Inside of this interview we learn a little bit more about childhood wounds, what inner child work is and how to begin healing our inner child. Pre-registration is required for access to this interview.

    Episode Six - Being British Indian with Aarti

    Together with Aarti we explore what it has meant for us to be British Indian in our lives and how this has impacted and shaped our experiences. We discuss heated topics such as misogyny that we have witnessed and the cultural limitations and potential for growth within our community.

    Episode Five - Keeping It Real with Basil Reynolds

    Join us on this conversation with Basil Reynolds a visionary coach - author and inspirational speaker.

    Episode Four - Systemic Approaches to Human Rights

    Aarti Kapoor the Executive Director of Embode a human rights agency working in Asian and Africa shares her journey and courage in making a real impact in Asia and Africa.

    Episode Three - Liberating your Suffering

    Explore the road to enlightenment, the liberation of suffering, and the dismantling of the ego with Sophie Mclean a wisdom teacher.

    Episode Two - Shame and Inner Critic

    Join me on a dialogue with David a psychological activist about internalized sexism, how cultural conversations impact us, and the inner critic.

    Episode One - Meditation and Emotional Release

    Join Bhavi and Subhuti Anand on a discussion around active meditations offered by Osho, and an enquiry to walking your path authentically. In this interview with Subhuti the author of ‘Wild Wild Guru’ gain insights into his journey from his political career to meeting a spiritual master in India.






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