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If you are a professional, parent, or individual in a life transition who is craving vitality, purpose, and deeper connections…

The KEY to transform your adult life is in rediscovering the gifts and unresolved wounds of your inner child.

Your Journey Starts Now!

How to understand and heal your childhood trauma to find back your purpose, joy and freedom

Why Meet Your Inner Child:

  • Childhood Wounds Impact Your Adult Life: Unresolved childhood wounds often remain hidden, influencing our daily lives. These wounds, such as abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice, may linger even in loving families.
  • Find Back Your Joy and Energy: If you are looking for joy, energy, purpose in your life despite trying coaching and meditation, your inner child holds the key. 
  • Rediscover Your Path: At some point in our lives, we all experience moments of feeling unfulfilled or lost. It’s during these times that your inner child can hold the key to rediscovering your path.

Why Inner Child Work Matters:

  • The first seven years: The first seven years shape us. Things that happen during this time impact us deeply.
  • Nurturing Your Inner Child: Your role as an adult is to care for this precious part of yourself, and it is possible!
  • Find Your Eseential Qualities: All of this was inside you when you were young – you can find it again by reconnecting with your essence.



This Inner Child Masterclass & Meditation provides a unique opportunity to start this journey and meet your inner child, bridging the gap between your adult self and your younger, authentic self. This allows you to:

  • Meet The Child That is Alive and Waiting: Within you, the child who once embraced everything with curiosity and joy is still very much alive. This inner child holds the energy and enthusiasm of your youth, waiting for your care, attention, and reparenting.
  • Connect Deeply with Your Inner Child: Whether you’re new to inner child work or have some experience, this session guides you in forming a profound connection.
  • Rediscover Joy and Authenticity: By embracing and healing your inner child, you can awaken a sense of joy, wonder, and authenticity that may have been buried beneath life’s challenges.

Workshop Presented By Kannagara Journeys

Deep Thinking and Inner Work.

Kannagara Journeys is a home for deep thinkers, change makers, peace lovers, leaders, activists, artists, humanitarians, storytellers on the path who have a longing to connect meet and integrate the qualities of the inner child to your adult life.
We offer online courses, masterclasses and workshops and journeys for the inner child and inner teenager in you. 

About the Primal Therapist


Svarup is a world-class specialist and leader in the work of inner child. She specializes in Deconditioning work, both childhood (Primal), and adolescence and sexuality (Tantra), and is a teacher of Essence Work.

Svarup has been an inspirational influence to thousands of people all over the world. With over 35 years experience, deep intuitive wisdom and loving guidance Svarup is a teacher on the path to inner child work.

Svarup – primal inner child therapist shows us the pathway to heal our childhood wounds to a journey of embracing the qualities of our inner child, to freedom and to living more joyfully. She is a loving guide with a step by step process for us to take this journey of healing.

What People Say

Flouri Bouillot

” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this chance to transform myself and live out my vision and dream that I have been longing for!

After this powerful and magical journey I can declare that “I am confident, I respect who I am, I shine, I transform myself and I empower others: I am a healer”.

My journey has just started with Kannagara and I feel so confident and excited about my new path. Please keep empowering the souls who crave for transformation! “

Jay Patel

” This journey for me has been absolutely fantastic! It has helped me to dig deep and realise what is really fuelling certain traits that I have had for a long time, and helped me to craft a new personal narrative to move past them. The facilitators are fantastic who put together great content and material, but also practise what they preach alongside us and equally share their ongoing journey. The friendships and bonds I have created with the other 15 people in the group has been nourishing.

If you can get on to the next available dates (because they fill up quickly) I would highly recommend it for anyone who can commit and is looking to develop themselves further. “

Rina Modi

I honestly feel like this was one of the most impactful experience of my life and I thank the team from the bottom of my heart for this magnificent experience!

I have discovered so much about myself with every single workshop in a way I have never discovered before.

It helped me to confirm and self-validate many of the feelings I have had in the past and I felt unbelievably supported.

Who is this for?

  • For therapists, counsellors, coaches, and anyone in the helping professions
  • For parents and individuals navigating relationships
  • For individuals going through life transitions or a life change
  • People experiencing stress or burnout in their professional or personal lives
  • For those dedicated to humanitarian work
  • Individuals seeking to explore or understand their own emotions and behaviors
  • Passionate activists dedicated to social justice and community empowerment
  • People who seek meaning and purpose in their lives
  • If you have completed Primal / Tantra in the past

In this masterclass and meditation you will learn:

* A simple tool to reconnect back to your childlike joy

* Meet and have and experience of inner child work

* Understand the impact of wounds in your daily life

* Discover what the process of healing looks like and how to begin the path

* Question and Answer with Svarup to ask your questions

* Meditation and a supportive space of friendship


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