Women’s Liberation – Transform your rage and anger into a powerful creative energy

Join this free interview with Upchara – Womans Liberation Facilitator

    Transform Your Anger into a Powerful Creative Energy

    Inside this 30-minute interview we will explore injustice that women have faced and the emotions of anger and rage that we carry from the voices of our ancestors within us. These feelings are in our bodies, minds and hearts.

    Growing up most of us were not modelled or shown how to deal with feelings of anger. If we keep suppressing our feelings it can become toxicity, depression or internalised negative emotions. We also have social norms that dictate how we are socially conditioned around these emotions. How emotions are received by people around us and how we respond to our own feelings is discriminated by our gender, race and culture. 

    Join Upchara and Bhavi inside this dialogue to explore how we can use our magic to channel this energy to constructive forms of self-expression and power. 

    How can we find our inner freedom as women? 

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      Join us for this free 30 minute interview dialogue with Upchara:

      – Wounds of injustice 
      – Rage and Anger we carry and expressing it in a healthy way
      – Wounds created by women – mothers, sisters, friends
      – A step on how to begin healing journey
      – Question and Answer session

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      Prem Upchara

      Prem Upchara holds a M.A in Philosophy and is trained in Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP with Ragini Elizabeth Michaels (Seattle).

      She has been a disciple of the mystic Osho since 1978. Upchara has been trained as a group leader and individual session facilitator at the Mystery School, India.

      She runs the following groups: Transforming Power, Beyond Fear, Women’s Liberation, Inner Guide. She leads groups in Italy, Spain, Croacia and South America.

      Women's Liberation Process

      Women’s Liberation Process is a residential retreat for women who are ready for a deep transformation in a loving, profound and safe space.

      Set in a beautiful location without distractions the group allows women to take a deep dive into ourselves, heal wounds from the past and rediscover the strength that comes from the communion between our feminine and masculine sides. It takes place in the beautiful Island of Aegina located in front of the crystal blue sea. Send us an email if you are interested: info@kannagarajourneys.com.

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