Looking inwards is definitely not easy to do. I think we all have a tendency to blame the outside world for what is going on (much, much easier to do, right!?!). Whether that is blaming circumstances, people, relationships, parents, karma, God, the Government, or even the postman, it seems to be a trend.

But to look inwards – that is much, harder, and takes a lot more work, time, and strength. Ultimately, though, the ability to do this gives you a lot more power in your life. And it happens slowly, piece by piece.

Journaling is a simple activity that supports you to create the space inside to work out what is going on. All it involves is regularly writing about your thoughts, ideas, worries, hopes or dreams – basically, anything at all. When we journal we are writing about our truth and it gives us the ability to process our ‘inner stuff’. The inner world is so incredible when we start to look at it.

The process of journaling helps you to:

Know Yourself

Get to know who you are. What do you like and dislike, what are your values? What is important to you, who do you like to spend time with, what is the core essence of who you are, after the conditioning of who you are expected to be?

Be Yourself

You need to be true to who you are. Don’t try and copy or imitate other people. It’s not worth it. From the kindest of places…fuck that. Be yourself. It will give you a lot more joy. It is your unique path and journey. Own it. There is nobody else like you.

Love Yourself

Love yourself as you are. Accept the imperfections, the mess ups, the best parts, the worst parts and everything in between.

There are so many benefits to journal writing. Journaling helps us to self-reflect, write down and review our goals, and to focus on the things that matter. Perhaps most importantly, keeping a journal helps us to gain clarity when it comes to our purpose and mission in life.

At Kannagara we are passionate about journaling as a way to discover and connect more with our internal world. We have prepared and designed journals that are breathtakingly beautiful and designed to support you in your inner journey. Our ‘Iki Gai’ journal is a gift from us to you which translates to ‘your reason for being’. Download your free Iki Gai Journal on our site.