Meet Your Inner Child

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Unlock the key to transform your adult life – Embrace your Inner Child’s wisdom

If you are going through a life transition, looking to create a deeper relationship with yourself, longing to live your purpose and grow Inner Child work can be a unexplored key piece of your puzzle. This taster session will give you an gentle introduction to why our childhood years is the root of our patterns and how to bring the gifts and wisdom of the child in you to your career, relationships, health, joy and path in life.

About the Introduction

This 2-hour taster class, will be a gentle yet impactful meditation to journey back to meeting the child that lives in you. This introduction gives you a taste of inner child work with specific tools on how to start your journey of self-discovery.

Do you identify with any of the below?

* I’m interested in improving my self-confidence.
* I want to regain a sense of enthusiasm and fulfilment and contentment for life.
I’m standing at a crossroads, ready to make significant decisions, and I seek clarity on the right direction to take.
*I’ve explored personal development, attended retreats and courses, and tried therapy, and would like to meet a deeper joy, purpose and creativity within me.
* I’m in a transitional phase, seeking guidance on how to navigate life changes.
* I’m seeking ways to enhance my relationships, both with myself and others.
* I aspire to be an even better parent, nurturing my child’s growth and happiness.

What will I gain from the free taster introduction?

Many of the roots causes of our issues and challenges are from our childhood years and if any of the points above resonate with you – going back to the roots of our patterns and wounds can be a deeply fulfilling journey. This 2 hour interactive class will give you a map and overview of how and why meeting the wounds of the child within you can be the key to breakthroughs in your adult life you are seeking.

Introduction Highlights

* Meet Your Child

In this 2 hour class you will have an experience of the adult meeting the child in you. Get a flavour of reconnecting with this forgotten part of yourself. 

* Understand what Inner child work is

Receive information on our Primal retreat and 10 session journey. If you are a beginner or are curious to find out what inner child work is, and how it works this can give you a experience of the path.

* Reflect on Family Challenges

If family dynamics have influenced your journey, understand the impact and gain insights and tools for self-exploration. This can be a great class for therapists, coaches and people working with others.

* Embrace Essential Qualities

Children possess a natural innocence and an unshakable belief in their own potential. However, as we journey through life, our experiences can obscure these innate qualities. Reconnect with this wellspring within you.

Introduction Event Details


November 16th

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UK time
(Zoom Call)
(Secure Spot)

December 16th

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UK time
(Zoom Call)
(Secure Spot)

January 12th

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UK time
(Zoom Call)
(Secure Spot)

February 1st

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UK time
(Zoom Call)
(Secure Spot)

March 7th

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UK time
(Live Event in the UK – Venue to be confirmed)
(Secure Spot)


Led by the experienced and empathetic facilitator, Svarup this masterclass includes

* A guided meditation exercise

* Techniques and tools for seamlessly integrating healing into your daily routine

* Interactive Q&A sessions

* A glimpse into our comprehensive 10-session Inner Child Process

Who is this for?

Deep Thinkers and Philosophical Minds: Individuals who enjoy pondering life’s complexities, questioning the meaning of existence, and exploring the depths of their consciousness.

Change Agents and Social Activists: People who are passionate about making positive change in the world, driven by a desire to address societal issues and create a more just and compassionate society.

Artists and Creatives: Creative individuals who use art, writing, music, or other forms of expression as a means to explore their inner world and communicate their unique perspectives. Individuals Interested in Psychology and Inner Work: Anyone curious about psychology, inner work, and understanding the impact of childhood experiences on adult life could benefit from the insights shared in this masterclass.

People Going Through Life Transitions: Those who are experiencing significant life changes, such as divorce, career shifts, or major personal transformations, might find guidance and support in this masterclass.

Therapists and Counselors: Mental health professionals might be interested in this masterclass to gain insights into techniques for working with clients who are dealing with inner child issues or dysfunctional family dynamics.

Individuals with Trauma or Dysfunctional Family Backgrounds: This masterclass would be especially relevant for individuals who have experienced trauma or challenging family dynamics in their past. It offers tools for healing and addressing the impact of these experiences.

Anyone who has completed Primal / Tantra in the past: If you have completed Primal or Tantra work with Svarup this can be a refresher and reconnection to the work

Get a taste of our upcoming 10-session journey starting in January. This masterclass provides insights and details about the full journey.

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