The key word is ‘feeling’. How are you TRULY feeling? This is not what you are showing the world, not the mask that you have up, but underneath all of that can you access what your real feelings are?

Being vulnerable with ourselves starts with being honest about what is really going on for us underneath the surface. There is usually so much going on, but we do not really give ourselves the time to investigate and listen to our feelings. Often people try to ignore difficult feelings that come up and then we find endless ways to avoid them. We shy away from introspection and we have become more comfortable with small-talk rather than having deep conversations. We devise countless ways to avoid ourselves and we all have different ways to do this: it could be the internet, social media, TV, projects that keep us too busy, music, or turning on the news.

It takes a lot of courage to be honest with ourselves about what is really going on. Rather than running from your feelings, try to allow yourself some time to sit down and identify them. Find a quiet place to be alone, just observe and watch for the feelings that arise. Then take some time to label them. For example this could be feeling happy, sad, angry, frustrated, fearful, embarrassed, jealous, joyful, anxious, peaceful or all of them in one go!

During this time create the intention to allow yourself to feel the emotions and fully experience them. At first it might be overwhelming and you might experience a feeling of resistance. Eventually what you may find is that by allowing these feelings to finally express themselves they will begin to dissolve.

One of the key ways we can help you to fully explore and observe your innermost feelings is by coming to one of our retreats, or going on one of our journeys or safaris. These are perfect for people who are seeking to refresh their mind, body and soul, or searching for a deeper purpose and experience in life. It could be that you are at a crucial turning point – perhaps you have just ended a relationship, started a new job, moved to a new place, gone through some kind of trauma – there are myriad reasons why you might need time out to reflect, relax and re-energize.

Our hugely beneficial retreats, coupled with our truly picturesque journeys and safaris in stunning parts of the world, can give you the opportunity to travel with like-minded people for the experience of a lifetime. They also give you the much-needed chance just to take some time out for you: to do something truly meaningful, and where you are in life right now. If any or all of the above applies to you, we invite you to join us for a deep, impactful and unique experience. Once we give ourselves permission to be honest with ourselves and our feeling, then we can live more authentically.