One to One Sessions


Discover Your Enneagram

The Enneagram consists of nine personality types that uncover patterns in how someone interprets the world and manages their emotions. It is a map to help us understand how we react to stress and provides a foundation to understand ourselves and others. It has been the single most impactful discovery finding my enneagram type.

Often the personality tests online are not accurate. This is a focused session where we will give you an overview of the map and concrete steps in identifying your type.

In this 1.5 hours session we:

* Cover the 9 types and understand the map of the ennegram
* Discover what your type is (sometimes it takes time)
* Provide detailed descriptions of all types for you to read after the session
* Understand the stress points and points of integration
* Provide books and resources to deepen the study of the enneagram


Identify Your Beliefs – Discovery Session

A one to one discovery session is a personalized five-hour process with Bhavi. In this process, you will receive a detailed form to fill out which will be a self-assessment and introspection of mind, body, heart and soul. With this pre-work complete Bhavi will take you on a journey on the initial 3-hour call to identify the limiting beliefs that are in your subconscious, look at where they come from in childhood and create a new paradigm and context for your life. In three hours expect a huge relief and clearing of old belief systems that no longer serve you. There is a follow up call after 2 weeks.


Longer Term Coaching

If you would like to work on a longer term basis (3 sessions, 5 sessions or 10 sessions) send us an email: and we will send information on how to work together.

Who is this one to one session for?

If you have a desire to grow, have a breakthrough in your life or begin looking inwards for some answers this is the perfect process for you. If you want to expand, clear some inner road blocks, and shift your perspective to yourself and life.


The discovery session is designed so that you can participate from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home. The call happens over zoom, and can be recorded for you to access.


The link to book the three hour call is provided for after the session has been booked.



Research shows that you are more likely to follow up on your projects from 10% to 95% if you have created a timeline and someone is holding you to account.


The session is a laser focused opportunity to work one to one with Bhavi and gain key insights to have a breakthrough.



“I have attended the Kannagara Peaceful Warrior Retreat and the Journey’s and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to boost their personal growth. The sessions helped me to understand myself so much better and also create friendships with like-minded people. It allowed me to go deeper and step back and look at my emotions from a different perspective.With Kannagara I was able to clear the emotions of the past and I came out feeling so much lighter. No matter how much you’ve meditated, or journaled or worked on yourself taking a journey like this has helped me to continue my personal path.”

Agnès Ammeux




“A deep impasse had manifested in my life before my journey with Bhavi I was simply fed up with feeling lost and being stuck. Although I’d been working on certain aspects of this ‘stuck-ness’ somehow the right course of action was still unclear for me. Taking this Kannagara Journey I was amazed and surprised at just how much was shifted through, such that a new clarity could emerge in me.This Journey has left me feeling lighter, more naturally myself and I now have the tools and first steps on a new path towards a brighter and more aligned way of living. I am simply no longer lost or stuck with this area!”

Belinda Mclean




“I attended a Kannagara programme in 2018, and thought it was wonderful! It was a time for me where in this crazy hustle bustle life I was able to pause, to reset my life back on the path that I choose for myself. I loved the support structure that was created so that we have the opportunity to evolve into whoever you want to be! I would recommend this journey to everyone.”

Bhavya Kalsi



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this chance to transform myself and live out my vision and dream that I have been longing for! After this powerful and magical journey I can declare that “I am confident, I respect who I am, I shine, I transform myself and I empower others: I am a healer”. My journey has just started with Kannagara and I feel so confident and excited about my new path.Please keep empowering the souls who crave for transformation!”

Flouri Bouillot



“Kannagara brings a fresh and unique perspective to life and yoga. With the wealth of knowledge and experience that is here, and the safe space that is created, it makes it super easy to open up to. These journeys helps the lotus leaves to open up!”

Naomi Swain





“This journey for me has been absolutely fantastic! It has helped me to dig deep and realise what is really fuelling certain traits that I have had for a long time, and helped me to craft a new personal narrative to move past them. The facilitators are fantastic who put together great content and material, but also practise what they preach alongside us and equally share their ongoing journey. The friendships and bonds I have created with the other 15 people in the group has been nourishing.If you can get on to the next available dates (because they fill up quickly) I would highly recommend it for anyone who can commit and is looking to develop themselves further.”

Jay Patel


“I am about to finish a Kannagara programme, which was about developing four key areas of ourselves: mind, body, heart and soul. I feel so privileged to be a part of this Kannagara tribe and family, it is a life changing experience with an amazing bunch of people. I learned how to break out of my limiting beliefs that my mind constructed over the years. I made a commitment to serve humanity rather than polluting the world with negativity. If we all learned how to clear negativity in our lives, if we had tools to help us to be the best versions of ourselves, the world would be a paradise. Thank you Kannagara”

Chantal Mutamuriza


“Kannagara for me has been a eye opener. I signed up because after doing some soul searching, I got a new job and I was absolutely terrified of my new role for a fear of failure. I made a commitment to the programme. Now I am so much more deeply confident in myself, this has been a huge change! I have learnt to be kind to myself and remind myself its okay to be different. This Kannagara experience has had me see the world differently and discover that it is bigger than what goes on in my head. I would highly recommend Kannagara Retreat. It has helped me take steps to self discovery and the benefits of doing something in totality. I am at peace with myself and I am grateful for the experience.”

Suwilanji Ngambi


“I honestly feel like this was one of the most impactful experience of my life and I thank the team and the other guests from the bottom of my heart for this magnificent experience! I came to this journey to gain insight and some tools to support my inner self exploration and do some yoga. I loved every minute of it.”

Rina Modi