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“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”― Osho

Our Kannagara Meet The Inner Child course is designed as an introductory course to inner child work. The child that is there within all of us is the part of us that feels. The child in us feels sadness, fear, anger and when we do inner child work we are recognising and understanding our feelings. This impacts our present life.

Inside of this course you will have the opportunity to understand where these feelings come from, why we need to do inner child work and experience a beautiful regression meditation.

We recommend that you keep a memory of your child with you during this course – either a photograph or a teddy bear. This can be supportive as you begin the process of meeting the child within.

This course is led by Svarup a Primal facilitator and therapist who has immense experience in the field of Primal and emotional healing, sexuality and transformation and essence work. Svarup and Premartha lead Primal and Tantra groups and sessions for anyone that wishes to deepen this work.