“There is no path”



“We are at a crossroads. You leave with your joys and problems, I with mine. Alone, I look down the road. Each one must walk one’s own path” Deng – Ming – Dao⁠ ⁠

People’s paths come together for certain periods of time, whether this is short or long makes no difference in the value of the connection. We must learn to accept the ups and downs and let go of the attachment we have to keep the connection in a certain way. No matter how hard we try it is not possible to hold on to the past, instead, it would serve us to adapt. It is the same during these challenging times.

We are at a crossroads in society, in the way we knew things to be. We can be grateful for what the previous decades gave us, and we are being asked to adapt to the change that is happening in front of us. ⁠