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Receive Wisdom With Svarup – Primal Therapist

Svarup has been an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world in inner child therapy. She specialises in deconditioning work – childhood (primal), and adolescence and sexuality (tantra). She is also a teacher of essence work.

With over 35 years experience and impacting thousands of people all over the world, Svarup brings her experience, deep intuitive wisdom and loving guidance on this path. Leading groups, facilitating process’s and sessions all over the world with her partner Premartha. She also trains and certifies primal therapists.

Together Svarup and Premartha are the authors of two books: Twice Born, The Little Buddha and the Cosmos. After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Rome, Svarup has collaborated for several years with R.D.Laing running one of his therapeutic communities in London.