No longer a child, but not yet an adult –
Our Teenage Years

We have heard about Inner Child Work – but our teenage years and wounds we experience during 13 – 19 years old impact our adult life. Join us on this free interview with Svarup on looking at wounds we experienced during our teenage years and the journey to reconnect back to the gifts.


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    The wounds we experienced during these formative years of our life 13years – 19 years are different to wounds during childhood.

    This could be due to a dysfunctional family life, neglect, lack of guidance, bullying, issues with brotherhood and sisterhood, criticism, sexuality, hormonal changes or lack of confidence to find our feet in the world.

    On top of that being part of a system which takes us away from our inner voice we deny our instincts and needs ‘I need to rest, I’m tired, I don’t want to talk anymore, I want to be alone’. And we adapt to the family and world around us.

    Our teenage years can be a powerful source of energy within us.

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    What is Inner Teenager work?

    Healing your inner teenager starts with building a safe connection and a relationship with this part of you. It is about re-establishing a healthy relationship, listening to and talking to this part of yourself. Developing a stronger identity, boundary setting, learning about relationship dynamics, body image, nourishment and self-care.

    By healing the wounds of the past, we learn to embrace the natural, sensuous, passionate teenager that is also still alive in our body and soul. We can, as adults, learn to become whole again, reconnect with the source of our energy, and love and nourish our bodies as the temples of our soul.

    Listen to our interview on these formative years with Svarup.

    Svarup a primal inner child therapist shows us the pathway to heal our childhood wounds to a journey of embracing the qualities of our inner child, to freedom and to living more joyfully. She is a loving guide with a step by step process for us to take this journey of healing 

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